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Anna Waring

Director of Sales Operations

Anna has 10 years of operations experience, with many of those focused on Sales, specifically. She has a passion for helping internal departments thrive, because if a company is good on the inside, it can do even better things on the outside with partners, customers, connections and friends.

Anna’s career foundation is built upon strong client and coworker relationships from her 7+ years at Snagajob and is complimented by her scrappy tech startup years in San Francisco and Richmond. She believes that we can conquer the world one smile and data cleanse at a time.

Favorite Hourly Job: Hawaiian shirt wearing, grill girl and cashier at Honeymoon Island State Park

When Anna isn’t automating workflows and comparing spreadsheets, she enjoys going to the beach every sunny weekend she can. Her two girls are mermaids like their mama and love to swim, but are stoked to learn to surf. When not at the beach, Anna, her husband and the girls are outside at parks, gardening, learning to grow food, grilling out, biking, exploring and loving life, oftentimes accompanied by a cold beverage. Learn more about Anna on Linkedin.