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Kristi Torrenzano


One of the many things Kristi has learned about herself over the course of her career is how important it is for her to align with a mission-driven company. That’s why she is so thrilled to be serving America's hourly employers (again) at goHappy!


Kristi’s passion for serving the hourly workforce began at Snagajob, the country's largest platform for hourly work, in 2005. She spent twelve years working alongside hourly employers, both big and small, which helped her become deeply familiar with the unique challenges they face. Kristi loved that she was serving a largely overlooked population of America's workforce, and felt lucky to help working individuals and families find hourly jobs that would make a difference in their lives.

goHappy fuels her passion for the frontline workers that are at the very core of our economy, and to whom we owe SO much!

Kristi loves spending time outside in almost any capacity! Skiing, hiking, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, camping, snow shoeing, yard work, enjoying a delicious IPA on a patio... You name it. If it gets her outside, she is likely on board! Kristi and her husband both have an acute case of wanderlust (recently tempered by the arrival of their daughter, but they are committed to bringing her along once she's a little older). Together they have had the opportunity to visit some extraordinary places both in the U.S. and abroad. Kindred spirits, travel is her love language! Learn more about Kristi on Linkedin.