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extraordinary worker Finalists

May 2020

With our May 2020 campaign coming to a close, we are so honored to reward Reggie James as our Extraordinary Worker of the month! Congratulations Reggie, you deserve all of the good things!



Reggie James


Reggie CARES! He is passionate about his work and the people he encounters. He is so friendly and always smiling and will not hesitate to stop and wave if he sees you. He makes this neighborhood shine and we appreciate him SO MUCH.

We were so honored to be able to honor Reggie as the Extraordinary Worker of the Month for May 2020! We were joined by NBC 12, Reggies daughters, and all the residents of Byrd park who just love Reggie!

Watch as Reggie is surprised with winning Extraordinary Worker of the Month!


Reggie Full Video

Some fun from the celebration!