Ashley Gray

Business development

Over the last 10+ years of consulting with employers on people solutions to help make their businesses operate more efficiently, Ashley has learned that there is a specific niche that truly fuels her passion: America’s hourly workforce. She has joined forces with the goHappy team to serve these workers and those that employ them!


Ashley’s passion for serving the hourly workforce began at Snagajob, the country's largest platform for hourly work, in 2011. Knowing that her work there was so much bigger than herself, she found a passion for aligning with hourly employers. Helping companies find and hire the right fit people so they could live more fulfilling lives was a mission she had posted up on her desk everyday (in glittery colorful letters, of course)! Over the past ten years, Ashley has worked with companies of all sizes, from small mom and pop shop’s to global enterprise companies, but the ones that filled her cup the most were the ones who valued their frontline workers and served them in a way that they deserved.

goHappy fuels her passion to serve not only America’s frontline workers, but those that employ them. She feels like everyday at goHappy is a “pinch me” moment: surrounded by a team that has created a culture that you truly only stumble upon once in a lifetime!

Ashley is a mama to two completely opposite girls (one is a total rule follower, the other a total rule breaker) but wouldn’t change her “girl mom” status for anything! Her poor husband is completely outnumbered but loves that his girls are 100% Daddy’s girls. In her downtime, you can find Ashley starting her day with a good cup of coffee before doing something active (working out is her jam!), catching up on the latest Hollywood gossip, cheering on her alma mater (Go Heels!), cleaning up a house that will never be orderly and finally relaxing with a yummy home cooked meal (by her husband who is a darn good cook!) and a glass of wine.
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