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So who is goHappy? Well, we are a small team of all-stars who are passionate about bettering the lives of frontline workers. We are here to fix how employers communicate & engage with their frontline workers. Yes, we said fix...because what's being done today doesn't work. Team huddles? Nope. Emails? Don't have one. Break room pin boards. Seriously?

We provide the most inclusive, simple, and app-free technology, to communicate with frontline workers. Employers can now reach 100% of their frontline employees where they already are - in their text messages. This enables employers to not only improve communication & engagement, but also benefit from the positive bottom line impact.

Ready to learn more about who we really are and what separates us from any other company out there? Of course you do - let's gooooo! 

Our Mission

To help all frontline workers feel more valued and connected so they can reach their full potential and lead more fulfilling lives.


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goHappy Culture

What is means to be a goGetter! 

Lets Start With Our Values!

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Acting as ONE Team

Helping Each Other Succeed

Being Thoughtfully Candid

Building Trust

Checking Our Egos at the Door



Always Learning

Rising to the Challenge

Acting With Urgency

Meeting Our Commitments

Owning Our Results



Having Noble Goals

Believing We Can

Showing We Care

Being the Best We Can Be

Making It Fun

What do Our Values Mean to Us?

Click below to see what some of our goGetters (that's what we call ourselves) have to say about our values. 



"Collaboration is what gives us that one extra degree, from hot water at 211* to boiling water at 212* and steam powering the goHappy train. To reach that extra degree means we are listening, supporting, trusting, and learning from one another, - allowing us to grow as ONE team.  It's our secret ingredient unlocking our creativity and innovation - allowing us to run past our collective goals."

~ Head of Customer Success



"At goHappy we are a trusted team and empowered to create solutions for the challenges our clients face. Our leadership’s unwavering confidence in us propels not only our dedication to the company but also a conviction to provide superior service to clients and each other."

~ Director of Sales Ops



"Being passionate at goHappy means choosing to connect the heart of WHO we are with the work of WHAT we do and the mission around WHY we do it; and allowing space for that. This affords us the opportunity to listen, learn and practice empathy in every aspect of our job, the impact of which can be felt at every level of what we do." 

~ Chief Technology Officer



It’s how we refer to our HR (People) practices that help us to be the best we can be as individuals and as a team.


Only All-Stars

Every member of our extraordinary team is a proven performer and considered to be the best of the best. In most organizations a small proportion of the team tends to drive the largest proportion of the organization’s results. At goHappy, with our unwavering commitment to have 100% of the team ranked as top performers, we have a distinct competitive advantage and ability to achieve exponentially greater results. And what really sets us apart is the way we think and perform as a cohesive team. We trust and believe in one another, and we challenge and learn from one another. We don’t put limits on ourselves, or others. We know that only by blending and leveraging our collective capabilities can we realize our true potential. As in sports, that’s what makes a team of All-Stars, a consistently winning team.

Shared goals

Stretch and Grow

goGetters embrace a growth mindset where learning and improvement are at the heart of everything we do - how we solve problems, create new products, wow our customers and interact with one another. We’re learners by nature. It’s how we’re wired - humble, curious, and vulnerable. We’re learning all the time, from each other, from our customers and from our own efforts to be the best person and contributor we can be. As voracious goal setters, we’re constantly raising the bar in relation to our own potential and performance, and as a result accomplishing amazing things for our customers and for goHappy.


Inspire Greatness

As goGetters we not only believe in ourselves, but we also believe in the greatness of each other. We appreciate the gifts each of us brings, and have a genuine passion for helping each other succeed and to be all that we are capable of. Knowing we genuinely believe in each other makes us feel more confident and secure, and we are less likely to put limits on ourselves and on the goals we set. As goGetters we are quick to sacrifice our own selfish desires for the good of others, and we focus on the success of others rather than on seeking credit for our own success. Building an “appreciative culture”, where every goGetter feels valued for who they are, not just for what they do, inspires each of us to shoot for the stars.


We're Great Place to Work Certified

100% of employees at goHappy say that it's a great place to work compared to only 57% of employees at a typical U.S. based company. Because of that we have been recognized as a certified Great Place to Work! Read on to see just what makes working at goHappy so amazing! 

Click here to see our full GPTW profile! 

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What do we appreciate most about being a goGetter?

What I appreciate most about being a goGetter is our culture of empowerment and accountability. We truly work as a team and every single person on the team is a huge contributor to the overall vision and goal. It's so fun working with a great group of people working hard towards a common goal!"
Ashley Gray
Sr. Manager of Frontline Engagement
Being a goGetter literally feels almost too good to be true...being able to work with friends who feel like family, all of whom on top of being passionate about the impact we are having on SO many companies and their employees, are just awesome humans to their yeah, it would be too good to be true if I wasn't actually experiencing it every day! I wish everyone could experience something like this and see that "work" can be the best four letter word you know."
Tennille Boyer
Director of Frontline Engagement
The thing I appreciate most at goHappy is hands down the team. There are no egos or silos. Everyone, no matter their role, is willing to jump and support on any project. It's truly a special group of people who are all passionate about the frontline worker, and I wake up everyday excited to work for goHappy."
Nick O'Keefe
Sr. Manager of Customer Success
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Benefits at goHappy

Providing for your security, well-being, and fulfillment.

Bonus Plan

Stock Grants

Medical Insurance

Tax Preparation Stipend

Employee Assistance Program

Short & Long Term Disability Insurance

Paid Family and Medical Leave

Paid Parental Leave

Life Insurance

Unlimited Paid Vacation

10 Paid Holidays

401k Match

goGetterversary Award

Life and Career Coaching

Work-From-Home Stipend

Paid Volunteer Days

Quarterly Team Retreats

Annual Bahamas Trip Award


Open Positions

At this time we do not have any open positions, but please check back to see about joining our awesome team.

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