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Senior Software Engineer - Front End

Have you ever thought that it would be pretty cool to work with a high-growth company that enabled you to make a meaningful difference in millions of people’s lives, work with a small team of pretty awesome (and humble of course!:)) people, have a big voice in company direction, shape the technology of a fast growing application and learn and grow as a person along the way?  If so, keep on reading because if you’re the right person for our open engineer role, then we’re hoping we can check all of those boxes for you!

goHappy is looking for a software engineer to join our growing team. This role will be focused initially on the front end and creating amazing, world class web applications that will wow our users. We love talking to our customers, understanding their needs and solving big problems. As such, you will be involved in every aspect of the product development life cycle, from idea and customer discovery, to coding and testing, to launching and continuing to get customer feedback and making enhancements.

As a small team, though, you will get exposure to the true technology “full stack” and be able to work in any/all areas of interest. You like database design, then go ahead and rock some models. Like creating CI pipelines, then get busy with some GitHub actions. Have an idea for a new API, then microservice that thing like a boss. If you want to create a new UI that makes a complicated problem simple as pie for our users, then you go right ahead. Want to create a time machine to go back in time and to give a stern talk to whoever thought IE 6 was a good idea, then we’ll have to talk, but you get the idea. We are a team of All-Stars who bring it everyday and have tons of fun along the way!

If we’ve peaked your interest, here’s some more info about what we’d love from you in this role:

  • 3+ years of software development experience
  • Passion for learning new things, especially technology
  • Passion for interacting with and learning from customers
  • Experience building web applications, HTML, CSS, JS
  • Experience with Javascript frameworks like React is a plus
  • Experience with full-stack web frameworks like Remix is a plus
  • Ability to organize and manage your time (no one is going to be telling you what to do)
  • Be a proactive and independent thinker
  • Loves to ask why when presented with a problem, and coming with win-win solutions
  • Be an awesome team player - share what you’re learning and your stories with fellow team members to help make the whole team better.
  • Embrace change
  • And, obviously do all of this in alignment with our mission, vision, and values.  None of this matters if you don’t.

What you can expect from goHappy

At goHappy, our Mission is to help ALL frontline workers feel valued and connected so they can reach their full potential. We know that sounds pretty lofty.  Especially for a start-up.  But, we’re convinced that it’s a problem worth solving and one that can be solved.  It’s all a matter of the people on our team, with a huge piece of this hanging on who is uncovering the pain points of our customers and working to build solutions to solve these pain points.  

That’s where you come in because one of our most critical needs right now is an awesome Senior Software Engineer who can do all of that in alignment with our Core Values:

  1. Collaborative. Don’t feel like you’ll be bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders.  You’ll be part of a team that loves to be doing great things together as a team.  We’re not going to have all of the answers, but we are driven to help each other solve hard problems that we most likely haven’t encountered in the past.
  2. Empowered.  Are you the type of person that loves to work with other people but can always be counted on to deliver on your commitments?  We’re not big enough to look over each other’s shoulders all the time (and that’s no fun anyway).  We need a team member that is driven by autonomy and loves hitting their goals.
  3. Passionate.  Are you passionate about life?  Like, you really want to do cool stuff in all areas of your life - hobbies, family and of course work - and already do that now?  Then, you’re our kind of people.  We love working with passionate people, who will be passionate about helping us live out our mission statement. 

We offer a competitive compensation package that includes all the stuff you’d expect in an engineering role - competitive base salary, bonus incentives and ongoing training and development.  We also offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes premier medical/dental/vision coverage, company-paid short and long-term disability insurance, life insurance, 401K (with a match), unlimited vacation days (and we really hope and encourage you to go do some really cool stuff!), individual training budget, a casual and fun work environment, and numerous additional employee perks (did we mention getting to work with some really fun and talented people yet?).  

And, there's a lot more to talk about, so we hope you'll want to learn more and chat with members of our team, including our Chief goGetter. Please fill out the form below or drop us an email us at   


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