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inclusive Frontline communication


Industry leading open rates, quick read times, and no adoption needed.
goAlerts is simply the most inclusive way to communicate with your Frontline Workers.


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Simple. Inclusive.

Learn how leaders use goAlerts to send text messages directly to Frontline Workers

  • Bulk text everyone or text by specific locations, by region, or by customized groups.
  • Send announcements, updates, links, or celebrations.
  • No need to download anything, or learn anything new.
  • Absolutely no cost to workers, or any adoption effort.
  • Works on every mobile device, even flip phones!
goAlerts has significantly improved our ability to communicate with our entire workforce, but in particular the hourly employees. It has been a great platform to put forth updates and also show our gratitude to the workforce.
Lou Marmo
COO, Temperpack
message received: easy adoption

From iPhones to Flip Phones

No need to download anything, or learn anything new. goAlerts are sent as standard text messages to ANY mobile phone. 

Accommodate ALL of your frontline workers, and have the confidence that your message will be heard.

  • Research shows that SMS messages have a 98% open rate, and a 90-second average response rate.
  • No cost to workers, text messages send directly to their mobile phones.
  • Texts are sent over standard text messaging protocols.
  • Short Codes or full phone numbers, we've got you covered.
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Bulk texting: no limits

Multiply your
Communication Power

Organize your Frontline workers by region, location, or other specific groups. And send alerts, messages, notices, and links to ALL.

Suggested goAlerts usage from current clients:

  • Update employees about Covid-19.
  • Send texts to a specific group or locations about Benefits Amendments.
  • Celebrate milestones with a companywide blast.
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easy texting: no sweat

Click. Click. Click. Boom.

No hoops to jump through means you can send quick one liners, in depth policy changes, information about upcoming events, or even a personalized encouragement easily. 

Select who you want to send a goAlert to and send any size message.

  • Bulk select everyone, grab a specific group, or send to just one person.
  • FAST texts using the standard SMS protocol.
  • With automatic switching to MMS protocol when character counts are higher, nothing gets lost in the mail.
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Engaged Employees Feel more connected

The impact this has on the organization is twofold: first they have a frontline hourly workforce that can be reached easily, is more engaged, and is much happier. Second, an engaged frontline leads to higher productivity, higher retention and lower absenteeism. Not to mention a happier client base.


Lower Turnover


Less Absenteeism


More Productive

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