Measure and improve frontline engagement

Created by experts specifically for frontline employees, goHappy’s proprietary Employee Engagement Surveys have the power to improve morale and lower turnover.

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Happier frontline = healthier bottom line.

Engaged employees are more productive, more satisfied with their work, and less likely to miss scheduled shifts.


Lower Turnover


More Productive


Fewer No-Shows


More Profitable

*Statistics based on Gallup Poll data.

The goHappy difference

Our frontline-focused Employee Engagement Surveys ask relevant,
insightful questions and deliver actionable results you can actually use.

Built by experts

Data-driven and researched-backed 

Our comprehensive Frontline Engagement Model quantifies just how engaged your employees are.

  • Built alongside industry leaders, our research-backed platform complements our decades of frontline experience.
  • Our survey results reveal how manager actions directly affect the employee experience, which in turn drives employee engagement.
  • Our survey questions get to the heart of your employees' experience and produce actionable results designed to help managers improve.
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Designed for deskless workers

Built by experts for frontline employees, our mobile-friendly Employee Engagement Survey reflects industry best practices. 

  • Texts from goHappy have a 98% open rate and are usually read within just three minutes.
  • On average, employees finish the survey in less than three minutes — giving you instant feedback without wasted time.
  • Our proprietary surveys are responsive, reliable, and customizable. 
  • After creating a survey in any language, you can translate that survey into 25+ languages with just a single click.
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Actionable and impactful

Reliable results and reporting 

When your survey is complete, we’ll deliver personalized reports that can help you improve employee experience for your frontline, including:

  • A deep dive into our Frontline Employee Engagement Model
  • A breakdown of all survey questions and average responses
  • Leader Guides packed with actionable tips for frontline management
  • Detailed next steps for all parties based on survey responses


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