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Our Mission

goHappy’s mission is to help ALL frontline workers feel more valued and connected so they can reach their full potential and live more fulfilling lives. 

Our Vision

goHappy’s vision is to be the best company in the world at helping employers maximize engagement of their frontline employees and the bottom line impact that delivers.

Our Values

User Speak Rounded Collaborative
  • Checkmark Building Trust
  • Checkmark Acting as ONE Team
  • Checkmark Helping Each Other Succeed
  • Checkmark Being Thoughtfully Candid
  • Checkmark Checking Egos at the Door
Medal Star Square Empowered
  • CheckmarkAlways Learning
  • Checkmark Rising to the Challenge
  • Checkmark Acting With Urgency
  • Checkmark Meeting Our Commitments
  • Checkmark Owning Our Results
Heart Passionate
  • Checkmark Having Noble Goals
  • Checkmark Believing We Can
  • Checkmark Showing We Care
  • Checkmark Being the Best We Can Be
  • Checkmark Making It Fun

Our Story

At goHappy, we recognize that frontline employees are the backbone of the American workforce. We’re incredibly passionate about the role they play in their organizations, the economy, and society at large. This passion stems from our experience founding Snagajob, the country’s largest marketplace for hourly work. 

In 2017, goHappy began as a messaging app for hourly workers. But at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our customers told us they needed a way to instantly reach their frontline. We quickly pivoted to a text message-based platform and saw frontline engagement increase across the board. 

When developing goHappy, we used our learnings from Snagajob to design a platform specifically for companies with a large frontline workforce. Today, we’re continuously evolving to make sure we can meet those companies’ needs — whether that's creating ways to collect and interpret feedback, increasing adoption of other employee resources, or benchmarking engagement across the organization. 

As a six-time Fortune Magazine Great Place to Work winner, we know a thing or two about building better workplace relationships. That’s why we’re on a journey to provide companies and their hourly workforce with a platform that promotes connection, mutual appreciation, and full-throttle engagement. We want everyone to be happier at work — and beyond.


Happier frontline = healthier bottom line

Hear what our partners have to say about goHappy’s effortless engagement platform.

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“GoHappy has been the BEST addition to our overall business. We are cutting edge on technology, and this was such a simple, yet extremely effective tool we have added. It is very easy to use, employees love it, and it takes a huge amount of responsibility and pressure of our store managers to need to communicate so many details to all their staff (some they don't see on a daily basis, and passing along a note simply isn't effective). We use GoHappy especially for "triggered" messages for the new employee onboarding process: welcome, how to get set up on payroll, how to order uniforms, benefit eligibility, etc.”

Felicia Winge | Plant Human Resources Manager

“goHappy has allowed us to engage with our frontline team members in ways we were never able to before. I cannot tell you how much I love this partnership and how beneficial it has been for Snooze.”

Jeremy Edmonds | VP of People and Culture

“The fact that I can get important information in the hands of every single employee with a few keystrokes has been life changing from an HR perspective. No matter what methods we tried in the past, someone always missed an important message. goHappy has been invaluable in bridging that gap.”

Brian Hennecy | VP, HR and Culture Development

“goHappy's Feedback solution is just wonderful. We got so much out of the comments and the managers are so motivated!”

Meghan Lally | VP of Operations

Our Team

Meet our “goGetters” — otherwise known as the frontline fanatics who make goHappy awesome.

Frame 5256-3
Founder & CEO

Shawn BoyerRectangle 63

First Frontline Job: Retail Clerk

Frame 5256-3
Director of Operations

Katie KilliusRectangle 63

First Frontline Job: Cashier

Frame 5256-3
Director, Customer Success

Adrianne AhonenRectangle 63

First Frontline Job: Assistant Office Manager

Our Team

Meet our “goGetters” — otherwise known as the frontline fanatics who make goHappy awesome.

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