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About gohappy

Our Mission

"To help ALL frontline workers feel more valued and connected so they can reach their full potential."

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be THE best company in the world at helping employers maximize engagement of their frontline employees and the bottom line impact that delivers.

  • To equip employers with the tools they need to better engage their frontline workers; helping them feel more connected to the mission, vision, values and goals of their organization
  • To empower frontline leaders to unlock their full potential so they can help those they lead - by celebrating the wins, communicating effectively, exchanging feedback, learning, and growing together
  • To help millions of frontline workers to learn and grow, to see that their work is valued, to feel that they are cared for, and to know that they matter - because they do

Our Values

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Acting as ONE Team.

Helping Each Other Succeed.

Being Thoughtfully Candid.

Building Trust.

Checking Our Egos at the Door.

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Rising to the Challenge.

Acting With Urgency.

Meeting Our Commitments.

Owning Our Results.



Having Noble Goals.

Believing We Can.

Showing We Care.

Being the Best We Can Be.

Making It Fun.

Our Team

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Shawn Boyer


Shawn founded goHappy after leading Snagajob, the nation’s largest marketplace for hourly workers and employers, as Founder and CEO from 2000-2013, and then Chairman of the Board through 2015. Shawn directed Snagajob’s rapid growth from an idea to a marketplace that now has over 100 million members and over 450,000 employers.


Adrianne Ahonen


Adrianne has 14+ years experience in the Customer Success world with close to 9 of those years at Snagajob, focused on hourly workers and their employers. Prior to her days in management, Adrianne was an account manager for Snagajob’s enterprise software customers such as Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bojangles’, and HWY 55.


Dan Alloway


Dan is a product architect, UX researcher, full-stack software engineer, code-wrangler, and full-time problem-solver. He has software engineering experience that ranges from small startups to large enterprise organizations. Before his goHappy days, Dan was a Staff Engineer at Snagajob where he also dedicated extra time and efforts to assist with the company’s culture squad.


Andy Morgan


Andy loves creating new relationships that help clients solve challenges with easy-to-use technology. He is thrilled to be serving America’s hourly employers by helping them connect, engage, and recognize their frontline employees!


Ashley Gray


Over the last 10+ years of consulting with employers on people solutions to help make their businesses operate more efficiently, Ashley has learned that there is a specific niche that truly fuels her passion: America’s hourly workforce. She has joined forces with the goHappy team to serve these workers and those that employ them!


Tennille Boyer


If you read my profile, then you know I am back in the saddle, working alongside my favorite leader, my husband. (Not sure many wives say that?! ha!) goHappy Hub was created by the founding team from Snagajob, the largest hourly work marketplace in the US.


Nick O'Keefe


Nick is an established Customer Success professional who is passionate about serving his clients and giving them a world class experience. Over his nearly 7 years at Snagajob, he supported a wide range of mid-market and enterprise organizations across various industries who hired America's frontline workforce.

greg moyer

Greg Moyer


Greg is a seasoned HR executive and consultant and has been recognized nationally for his expertise in building highly engaging and productive workplace cultures. He has led HR for Fortune 100 companies and a high growth start up and has advised and consulted with a range of companies in all aspects of human capital management.


Dane Schwartz


Dane is an experienced marketing professional with more than 15 years under his belt and prides himself on being a unique blend of strategy and action. His experience ranges from enterprise organizations to small startups, and across numerous industries. As the former leader of Product Marketing at Snagajob, Dane is a storyteller who loves bringing brands and products to life and connecting with the end user!


David Jessup


Dave has over 15 years of experience in technology, and has done everything from slinging code to building and leading teams at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 200. Prior to goHappy, Dave was a Director or Engineering at Snagajob and most recently a technology leader at CarMax where he led teams in building a wide range of applications. He has a passion for creating awesome products and delighting customers, and he’s excited to bring that passion to help connect and engage the country’s frontline workforce.


Katie Killius


Katie is a sales champion, critical-thinker and conscious doer! She joins the goHappy Client Acquisition Team with several years of experience in the startup space. She loves working with and growing high-energy rock star teams who continuously meet customer needs. Having a teenage daughter working in the food industry has sparked her passion for frontline communications!


Work with us!

Have you ever thought that it would be pretty cool to work with a company that enabled you to make a meaningful difference in millions of people’s lives, work with a small team of pretty awesome people, have a big voice in company direction, and hopefully learn and grow as a person? 

If so, Apply below!

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Our Story

We are incredibly passionate about hourly employees and the critical role they play in organizations, our economy and society. This passion stems in large part from our experience of founding and building Snagajob for its first 15 years into the nation’s largest platform for hourly work, which now connects more than 100 million registered workers with over 450,000 employer locations, and all of the amazing hourly employees we got to know during that journey.

Based on our experience there and numerous conversations with top employers across the country, we know that companies are struggling with how best to communicate and engage with their hourly workers once they’re hired. And, we know that hourly workers are struggling to feel connected, listened to and appreciated by the companies for which they work. In fact, nearly 70% of them are not engaged.

That’s a problem definitely worth trying to solve. And, the ROI is multi-fold to the organization. When an hourly employee is engaged, turnover goes down, absenteeism goes down and productivity goes up. That’s a pretty good outcome.

Not to mention that it helps the individuals on your team feel happier and more fulfilled. That’s a pretty good outcome too. So, we are on a journey to provide companies and their hourly workforce with a platform that helps forge that sense of connection, mutual appreciation and full-throttle engagement.

For us, this is the perfect intersection of our passions around relationships, community, and workplace culture (we were a 6x time Fortune Magazine Great Place to Work and #1 in 2011 at Snagajob) and how that positively impacts an organization’s performance and the people’s lives who work there. We couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey with these amazing companies and their equally amazing employees!


Work with us

Have you ever thought that it would be pretty cool to work with a company that enabled you to make a meaningful difference in millions of people’s lives, work with a small team of pretty awesome (and humble of course!:)) people, have a big voice in company direction, and hopefully learn and grow as a person?

Open Roles

Frontline Engagement.
Bottom Line Results.


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