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per employee/per month pricing

goEngage Pro
per employee/per month pricing
Unlimited Text Messages
Send an unlimited amount of text messages to your frontline employees.
Unlimited Users & Admins
Make sure your all of your leaders are empowered to engage with their frontline teams!
Automated Workflows / Triggers
Complete automation and event triggered messaging.
Segmentation / Contact Types
Powerful employee segmentation and contact types to ensure your messages are sent to the right employees.
Keywords & Information Access
Your frontline team can text a word to your number and get instant access to the info they need via an auto-reply.
HRIS Integration
We have direct HRIS Integrations with all of the big names (and some small ones) in the industry.
Dedicated Success Manager
You'll never be alone at goHappy - everyone gets their own Dedicated goHappy Success Manager!
Fully Integrated with goHappy Messaging
Our Feedback solution is in the same powerful hub as Messaging for seamless access to all functionality.
Powerful Data Segmentation
Slice and dice real time feedback from your frontline by any segmenting criteria you choose; see trend lines; and compare internal performance.
Trending Analysis
Collect and report data over time to help with goal setting and continuous improvement.
Internal Benchmarking
Compare the performance of two of the same data points within the same Organization, over a specific time frame.
Custom Surveys
Increase frontline retention and engagement by getting actionable feedback on any topic.
goPowered Surveys with Actionable Insights:
goPowered Surveys are researched backed and produce Actionable Insights that increase retention and engagement
+ New Hire Surveys
Increase your 90 day retention by collecting actionable feedback from your new hires.
+ Exit Surveys
Gather actionable insights from terminated employees to increase engagement and retention.
+ Engagement Surveys
Increase frontline engagement and retention by providing frontline leaders with actionable feedback on the employees’ perception of their workplace experience and level of engagement.
+ Mid-year Check-in Surveys
Launch Mid-year Engagement check ins to see how you're progressing against the engagement items you identified to work on as a result of your annual Engagement Survey.
Annual Engagement Survey Consultation
Participate in an hour-long industry leading consulting session at the close of the survey to review results, analyze findings, and explore follow-on actions
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