Improve frontline retention with actionable insights 📊

Increase retention and engagement by gathering real-time actionable feedback from your entire frontline.

Gather real-time feedback from your frontline employees


Instantly gather feedback from your entire frontline workforce in real time, where they are, without relying on an app. 😱 goHappy’s Feedback solution let’s you:

  • Regularly hear from your frontline
  • Boost actionable employee insights
  • Empower frontline leaders

Our mobile-friendly employee feedback solution yields quick results, and our easy-to-digest dashboard reveals the insights you need to improve employee retention & engagement. 



Feedback product shots showing what reporting can look like, a view of these types of surveys, and a list of the goHappy/Custom Surveys available to send.

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Drive action and increase retention with
goPowered Surveys

goPowered Surveys
are designed specifically for the frontline, by industry experts, to help you accurately measure employee engagement and experience. The insights produced by goPowered Surveys allow you to draw sound conclusions and take concrete actions to increase employee engagement and retention.


New Hire Surveys

New Hire Surveys

Exit Surveys

Exit Surveys

Engagement Surveys

Engagement Surveys

Engagement Check-ins

Engagement Check-ins


Actionable Insights With goPowered Surveys

Research-Backed Design

goPowered surveys are designed to produce valid and reliable results, and are based on models that reflect industry best practices.
Segment Analysis

Sorting and comparing results by segment (location, department, job title, tenure, etc)  places focus on high and low performing parts of the organization with ability to identify and address differences.

Trend Analysis

Collecting  and reporting data over time places focus on setting goals and seeking continuous improvement with enhanced accountability for effecting positive change.

Benchmark Analysis

Measuring results against industry benchmarks provides visibility to how well the organization performs compared to similar organizations.  Benchmarks include average and top quartile performers.

Predictive Analytics 

Analyzing results in comparison to key business measures (e.g., turnover) provides the ability to find patterns of behavior that can be addressed proactively.*

goPowered Survey

New Hire Surveys

Increase your 90 day retention by gathering real-time actionable feedback from your new hires.

  • Utilize research-backed survey templates to get actionable feedback in key areas.
  • Surveys are automatically delivered over 3 phases - typically 30, 60, & 90 days - or you can set a custom timeframe. 🗓️
  • Slice and dice real-time feedback from your new hires by any segmenting criteria you choose; see trend-lines; and compare internal performance (e.g., by market, location, department, etc).
  • Compare your results over time with industry peers for benchmarking and setting improvement goals. 


New Hire Survey Desktop and Mobile
goPowered Survey

Exit Surveys

Increase employee commitment and retention by collecting actionable feedback from terminated employees on their workplace experience and reasons for leaving.

  • Easy-to-complete survey template contains items related to the employee’s perception of their workplace experience and open-ended questions.
  • Survey results are reported in two categories: the employee’s perception of Management and the Organization.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of employee sentiment with comment sorting and analysis. 🔍
  • Identify root causes for attrition and prioritize areas for improvement. 

Exit Survey Desktop and Mobile
goPowered Survey

Engagement Surveys

Increase frontline employee engagement and retention with actionable feedback on the employees’ workplace experience and level of engagement.

  • Connects the dots between Leader Actions, Employee Experience and Employee Engagement. 
  • Our research-backed survey measures the employees’ perception of their workplace Experience, and their level of Engagement.
  • Provide leaders with actionable feedback on their effectiveness in carrying out effective  Leader Actions.

goHappy’s engagement survey helps frontline leaders focus on the actions required to create a positive workplace experience where employees feel valued, connected, and engaged. 💚


Engagement Survey Desktop and Mobile
goPowered Survey

Mid Year Engagement Surveys

Mid-year surveys get you data, results, and actionable insights for driving frontline experience, engagement, and retention, without having to wait for your next annual engagement survey.

  • Measure changes or improvements in employee engagement mid-year
  • Validate current strategies or take data-driven action 📈
  • Benchmark results against your last engagement survey or industry peers

If you think more data, more frequently, is better, you’re thinking like an engagement expert! Use goHappy’s mid-year survey to take data-driven action and improve employee engagement all year long. 

Mid Year Engagement Surveys Shown on three cell phones

Custom Surveys

Custom surveys help you increase frontline retention and engagement by gathering real-time feedback on any topic. 

  • Easily build custom surveys to meet your unique needs
  • Intuitive and insightful user interface lets you quickly and easily create, deploy, and measure survey results

Not every business is the same, so we built our custom survey feature to be flexible and nimble. Efficiently and easily get frontline feedback about any subject - even favorite ice cream flavors. 🍦

(Does not include the predictive analysis and trend analysis capabilities of goPowered surveys.)

Custom Survey showing cell phone and desktop views


With goHappy's Feedback You Can: 

gather Real-time actionable feedback from 100% of your frontline employees
leverage Powerful automation & segmentation for optimal efficiency and actionable insights
launch Benchmarkable surveys that yield predictive analytics or easily create your own custom surveys

What our customers have to say: 

goHappy’s quick and easy survey took employees less time, and was a much faster process for everyone involved, allowing us to take quicker action as a company.”
Tupelo Honey Logo
Alesha Sisk
Director of Talent & Training, Tupelo Honey
goHappy's Feedback solution is just wonderful. We go so much out of the comments and the managers are so motivated!"
Hand & Stone
Meghan Lally
VP of Operations, Hand & Stone
goHappy helped us achieve a 2.5x higher survey participation rate and we attribute that to how easy it was for our frontline team members to complete the survey on their mobile devices in just minutes.”
David Watts
VP of HR, TemperPack

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