Instantly engage your frontline through text 🙌

Instantly reach your frontline with goHappy Messaging

Exceptional communication with frontline employees is crucial to:

  • Improved retention
  • Amazing customer service
  • Better employee engagement

With goHappy’s frontline employee communication solution, you can instantly engage with your deskless workers on any device, at any time, without forcing your employees to download anything. No apps. No emails. Just results. 



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Increase retention by engaging your frontline


On average, text messages have a 98% open rate and are read within 3 minutes of being received. ⏰ With no employee adoption needed, goHappy Messaging is the most inclusive and efficient way to engage your frontline workers.

Instant engagement

Send messages, reminders, notices, recognition, shoutouts, and so much more to your entire frontline workforce.

Highly targeted

Segment your frontline workers by region, location, job title, and more to ensure your messages are sent to the right audience.

Personalized messages

Personalize every message with elements like name, role, language to ensure your frontline feels valued and connected.

Powerful automation

Quickly set up automatic messages to be sent to any segment of your frontline employees. Set it and forget it! 


Save your managers time by giving your frontline access to important info via auto-replies. Text a word - instantly get a reply. 

HRIS integrations

Direct HRIS integrations with all of the big names in the industry to ensure your data is always up to date.

Instantly connect

Communicate with all your employees on their first day

goHappy gives you app free technology to instantly send text messages directly to your entire frontline workforce. 💬 

With goHappy you can engage every employee in a meaningful way starting on their very first day.

Engaged employees have increased retention and productivity, and lower absenteeism. All of which directly impacts your bottom line. 📈


Sample messages sent to employees: A Welcome message, Happy Birthday, and Feedback texts.
Targeted and personalized

Segment employees & send personalized messages

Want to send a message to your team members in the mid-atlantic region, who have a specific language preference? We got you. 👍

Plus you can personalize every message with elements like:

  • First or last name
  • Position type/name
  • Translate into +25 languages

Personalizing each message helps each employee feel more valued and connected to the organization, which lowers turnover and increases retention.

Segmentation example showing how to send messages to select groups
Increase Efficiency

Set automatic messages to be sent for any event

What if you could "automagically" ✨ send personalized messages to every employee on their first day, a reminder to enroll in benefits after their first week, or even a happy birthday message? Talk about feeling special!

With our "Triggers" you can quickly set up automatic messages and have them sent to any segment of your employees, for any event. No more forgetting someone's special day or spending hours and hours sending one-off messages. Let goHappy do the work! 


Examples of automated messages
Immediate time-savings

Increase productivity with auto-reply messages

With goHappy your frontline team can text a word to your toll-free number and get instant access to the info they need via an auto-reply instead of needing to asking their manager. Automation = massive time savings! 🙌

Here are a few examples:

  • "Benefits" = Sends a link to sign up for company benefits
  • "Payroll" = Sends a link to your payroll provider
  • "Referrals" = Sends a link to share with candidates
  • And any other use case you can think of!

Want to try it out? Of course you do! Just text the word "menu" to 866-649-2120.*

*We promise we will not spam you or give your information to anyone - seriously!

Auto Reply messages help employees feel heard and engaged

Better engagement means a better business. 

Statistics based on Gallup Poll data


Lower Turnover


Less Absenteeism


More Productive Frontline


Higher Profitability

What our customers have to say:

goHappy has allowed us to engage with our frontline team members in ways we were never able to before. I cannot tell you how much I love this partnership and how beneficial it has been for Snooze!”
Snooze Eatery Logo
Jeremy Edmonds
VP of People & Culture, Snooze A.M. Eatery
goHappy filled a key piece missing in our communications puzzle.”
Jennifer Holzapfel
Public & Media Relations Director, Student Transportation of America
Prior to having goHappy, we would struggle trying to cover shifts. We had to go through store managers and were always told no one wanted to work. Since having goHappy, we can communicate directly with the frontline employees. In most cases we have been able to fill open shifts within 30 minutes. This has been a wonderful investment."
Chris Mathias
Manager of Operations, Center Independent Energy

Brands who trust the power of goHappy's Messaging

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