Text your entire frontline with goHappy Messaging

Engage every deskless worker on any device without apps, emails, or phone calls. 

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Trusted by leading frontline brands

Improve retention by increasing engagement

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Easy to use

Request shift coverage, share safety updates, celebrate milestones, and more with just a couple of clicks. 

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No opt-in required

With no employee adoption needed, goHappy is the most inclusive and efficient way to engage your frontline.

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Immediate results

On average, text messages from goHappy have a 98% open rate and are read within just three minutes of being received.

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Happier employees 

Engagement helps your frontline feel more connected and more valued — leading to higher productivity and lower turnover.

Happier frontline = healthier bottom line

Engaged employees are more productive, more satisfied with their work, and less likely to miss scheduled shifts.

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Lower Turnover


More Productive


Fewer No-Shows


More Profitable

Statistics based on Gallup Poll data

Save time with set-and-forget automation

No more keeping track of birthdays, work anniversaries, or open enrollment periods. HR teams, administrative staff, and frontline management can use goHappy to create custom triggers and send personalized, automated texts to any employee for any event.

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Increase productivity with automatic replies

Give your employees instant access to the information they need. With goHappy, team members can text a keyword to your toll-free number and receive an instant response with a link to company resources. 

Want to see it in action? Text the word "Menu" to 866-649-2120 or scan the QR code.

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Send personalized texts to custom audiences

Give every message a personal touch. Create filters for job title, store location, and manager to send mass messages to tailored audiences — then add tokens for name, position, location and more.

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One-way messaging 

Control the conversation

Keep conversations drama-free with goHappy's transparent one-way messaging. Our customizable permissions and robust filters prevent the spread of sensitive content — giving peace of mind to your HR team.

What our customers have to say

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“goHappy has taken the paper out of communications, allowing me to directly connect with staff and provide important information in critical moments. Having the ability to provide reminders, notices, important company information, has been invaluable in my daily functions. The feedback that I receive from staff is that, they appreciate seeing it on their phone than trying to find the notices posted around the facility. Definitely a time saver!”

Felicia Winge | Plant Human Resources Manager
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“Prior to having goHappy, we would struggle trying to cover shifts. We had to go through store managers and were always told no one wanted to work. Since having goHappy, we can communicate directly with frontline employees. In most cases we have been able to fill open shifts within 30 minutes. This has been a wonderful investment.”

Chris Mathias | Manager of Operations

“GoHappy has been the BEST addition to our overall business. We are cutting edge on technology, and this was such a simple, yet extremely effective tool we have added. It is very easy to use, employees love it, and it takes a huge amount of responsibility and pressure of our store managers to need to communicate so many details to all their staff (some they don't see on a daily basis, and passing along a note simply isn't effective). We use GoHappy especially for "triggered" messages for the new employee onboarding process: welcome, how to get set up on payroll, how to order uniforms, benefit eligibility, etc.”

Heather Raffelson | Director of Marketing

“The fact that I can get important information in the hands of every single employee with a few keystrokes has been life changing from an HR perspective. No matter what methods we tried in the past, someone always missed an important message. goHappy has been invaluable in bridging that gap.”

Brian Hennecy | VP, HR and Culture Development

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