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Simply the most inclusive way to communicate with ALL of your Frontline Workers.


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With Better Frontline Communication







goHappy Hub has given Student Transportation of America the ability to reach a group of employees in a way we were unable to do before... With the sudden need to pivot to keep this employee group informed and engaged due to COVID-related shutdowns, GoHappy was a necessity.”
Jen Holzapfel
Public & Media Relations Director

Communication. Simplified.

With goAlerts you can send bulk text messages to ANYONE, on ANY device, simply and securely.

  • Send announcements, updates, celebrations, or links.
  • No need to download anything, or learn anything new.
  • Absolutely no cost to workers, or any adoption effort.
  • Works on every mobile device, even flip phones.


Go Fast. Efficiently.

  • 98% open rate. 5x Faster than Email!
  • 90 seconds to read. 60x Faster than Email!
  • goAlerts send over SMS protocol: lightening fast to any mobile phone.
  • Automatic switching to MMS protocol as needed.


Segmented. Endlessly.

  • Easily select all employees, specific locations, or any custom group.
  • Filter by employee job type, who they report to, or whether they're furloughed.
  • Get the right message to the right people.
  • Covid-19 updates, Celebrate Milestones, Benefits Amendments.


Easy. And Smooth.

  • We handle provisioning.
  • We create desired groups.
  • We provide a communication template.
  • We are always helping, and always improving.



Shout Outs! Leaders and team members can easily thank and recognize one another.



Celebrate customer testimonials, hitting goals, milestones, work anniversaries, birthdays, etc. with the team!



Prompt team members when new schedules are available and provide team members with a way to communicate about their schedules.



Simple way to prompt the team for training requirements, to share learning opportunities and invite conversation about them.

"goAlerts has significantly improved our ability to communicate with our entire workforce, but in particular the hourly employees. It has been a great platform to put forth updates and also show our gratitude to the workforce."
Lou Marmo
Chief Operating Officer - Temperpack
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Frontline Engagement.
Bottom Line Results.


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