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We want to celebrate people who are doing “ordinary” jobs in an extraordinary way! By giving each nominee a chance at winning $1,000 and getting spotlighted for their Extraordinary work!

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Bernadette Johnson

Richmond, VA

Put herself at risk refusing to stay home to make sure the seniors at the medical center got their meds, and picked up for appointments, she took medicine to their homes everyday, the center stopped med delivery on June 26 but often on her lunch break on her personal time in her personal vehicle she still delivered meds to those with no transportation. She come home and feel so good about it, and how she feels appreciated by the patients who has no one to count on!

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Frank Riley

Boston, MA

Frank has always been a hard worker and provider for his family. Frank's job, as a High Voltage /Substation Mechanic is dangerous and requires knowledge and focus. He has been an amazing Dad, great influence on the kids and has gone above and beyond in making sure that we all have everything we need. In the Spring 2018 we were introduced to a 13 yr old girl who would be going into the foster care system. Without hesitation, Frank and I decided to take this little girl, Isabel, into our home even if it meant putting off retirement.



Simply. Extraordinary.

We want to celebrate people who are doing what most people would describe as “ordinary” jobs. But, they are being done in an extraordinary way. By extraordinary people. They are EXTRAordinary Workers.

And, we think there are thousands of them out there. But, their stories don’t get told. They don’t get the limelight in the Wall Street Journal. Or Forbes. Or CNN. Or even in their local paper. But, we think they’re worth telling. Actually, they’re definitely worth telling. And, they are worth celebrating for sure.

So, we’re going to do our small part of telling these stories and celebrating these people by officially kicking off our EXTRAordinary Workers and highlighting one person’s story each month and giving that person $1,000. And, at the end of the year, we will select one of those monthly winners as The goHappy 2020 EXTRAordinary Worker of the Year with a Grand Prize of $10,000.

Watch us surprise Reggie!

We were so honored to be able to honor Reggie as the Extraordinary Worker for this month! We were joined by NBC 12, Reggie's daughters, and all the residents of Byrd park who just love Reggie!

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Meet some of our past winners

We need your help adding to this list! At goHappy, we are constantly on the lookout for these EXTRAordinary Workers, but we need submissions from you! Who do you know who is doing an “ordinary” hourly job, but does it in an EXTRAordinary way? Someone who works at a place where you shop or eat?  Someone you work with? Someone who works at your company?  

Luisa is a labor and delivery nurse. They are all hourly and see people at the happiest welcoming a newborn into the world, and when they are devastated having lost a child. She makes everyone feel valued!
Labor & Delivery Nurse, NJ
Justin grew up disabled with severe scoliosis. He now runs marathons and works at Red Robin as a way to fund running marathons for charity all over the country. He's known to take any shift offered to him, but is currently laid off.
Host, MA
Reggie CARES! He is passionate about his work and the people he encounters. He is so friendly and always smiling and will not hesitate to stop and wave if he sees you. He makes this neighborhood shine and we appreciate him SO MUCH.
Reggie James
Mail Carrier, VA
Mrs. C is loved by all, and she loves all. It was a blast getting to know her during the launching of our campaign. We are honored that she was the FIRST Extraordinary Worker Winner!! Love you Mrs. C!
mrs. c
Mrs. C
Bus Driver, VA

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