RICHMOND, VA – Weigel’s Stores, a renowned name in the convenience store space, has announced its collaboration with goHappy, the leading platform for frontline employee engagement. With this strategic partnership, Weigel’s Stores aims to revolutionize the way it connects with its team members, leveraging the power of direct communication to foster a more inclusive and responsive work environment.

“We are committed to improving communication and engagement with our frontline employees. This collaboration with goHappy provides us with a powerful toolkit to connect with each of our team members in the most direct and effective way possible," said Beth Hoffer, Vice President of Food Service & Operations at Weigel’s Stores.

Prior to adopting goHappy, Weigel’s Stores faced challenges in effectively disseminating news and updates through weekly emails and broadcasts via personal emails and the HRIS system, which often went unread. The partnership arrives as the company recognizes communication as a paramount opportunity for improvement.

“With goHappy’s automatic sync with Paylocity, we envision a seamless extension of our HR information system. Texting is simply the most accessible method to ensure our messages reach everyone,” stated Brad Anderson, Director of Recruiting & Development. He also expressed enthusiasm for the automation features intrinsic to goHappy, such as distributing weekly video updates, bolstering onboarding experiences, and celebrating milestones within the team.

Reflecting the spirit of innovation, Weigel’s Stores is excited to enhance the one-stop-shop capabilities of goHappy. The ability to instantly reach employees and gather real-time feedback through automated surveys is expected to channel key 'voice of the employee' insights, directly informing company decisions and initiatives.

Recent data from goHappy customers underpins the optimism surrounding this partnership, demonstrating a compelling correlation between employee engagement and business outcomes. The data reveals that turnover rates are approximately 15% lower at locations with the highest annual engagement scores. Furthermore, customer satisfaction has climbed by 17% at stores exemplifying peak employee engagement levels. By gaining these engagement insights, employers have been able to take action quickly, thus reducing turnover and improving the guest experience and financial performance.

Weigel’s Stores foresees this collaboration not only enriching the employee experience but also cultivating a customer service culture that consistently exceeds expectations.

About Weigel’s Stores, Inc.:

Established in 1931, Weigel’s is a family owned and operated East Tennessee business. Weigel’s is a trusted name in the convenience store industry, known for its commitment to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Weigel’s operates 79 convenience stores, a dairy, and a bakery. The bright spacious stores represent state-of-art convenience retailing, premium customer service, and locally sourced products. Weigel’s is dedicated to enhancing the convenience store experience for its valued customers.

About goHappy:

goHappy is transforming how employers communicate and engage with their frontline workers by providing the most inclusive and simple app-free frontline engagement technology. Key to goHappy’s success is enabling employers to reach 100% of their frontline employees where they already are - in their text messages. The team at goHappy has been building HR software  for the frontline employee space for nearly 25 years, and its mission is to help ALL frontline workers feel more valued and connected so they can reach their full potential. In turn, employers maximize engagement and happiness of  their frontline employees, which drives improvement in guest experience scores and financial performance. For more information on goHappy, visit