RICHMOND, Va. -- goHappy, America’s  leading provider of frontline employee engagement solutions, is excited to announce its expansion into Canada. With its unique platform and commitment to fostering more engaged and connected frontline workforces, goHappy is poised to transform the employee experience for organizations across Canada.

With its launch in Canada, goHappy aims to address the evolving needs of Canadian organizations seeking to enhance their employee engagement strategies. Recognizing that engaged frontline employees are the backbone of successful businesses, goHappy leverages powerful technology, real workforce data, and a user-friendly interface, to empower companies to create a positive work environment where frontline employees feel valued, engaged, and connected.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to start serving Canadian organizations and their frontline team members," said Shawn Boyer, Founder and CEO of goHappy. "A large number of our customers have a presence in Canada and have been asking us to serve their frontline employees there, so this just makes a ton of sense to us.  Our goal is to help them better communicate with their frontline and get actionable feedback from them, so that they can unlock the same benefits our US customers have seen from a more engaged frontline employee team: a significant decrease in turnover, increased productivity, and increased referrals.”

goHappy works with companies across multiple industries, such as restaurants, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics, hospitality, senior living, and hospitality, and is experiencing rapid growth, growing over 300% in the last year. The company works with leading brands such as First Watch, Tillamook, Samsonite, Hilton, Taco Bell, and Hand & Stone. 

About goHappy 
goHappy is transforming how employers communicate and engage with their frontline workers by providing the most inclusive and simple app-free engagement technology. Key to goHappy’s success is enabling employers to reach 100% of their frontline employees where they already are - in their text messages. Founded by Shawn Boyer who also founded Snagajob - the nation’s largest marketplace for hourly work - and a team that brings over 100 years of combined frontline employee engagement experience, goHappy’s mission is to help ALL frontline workers feel more valued and connected so they can reach their full potential. In turn, employers not only improve communication to maximize engagement and happiness within their frontline employees, but also benefit from the bottom line impact that those improvements deliver. For more information on goHappy, visit


Jason Deitz