goHappy is thrilled to officially kick off The goHappy Extraordinary Worker Campaign in order to recognize the amazing work that hourly workers are doing every day through which we will be giving away over $20,000 in 2020 to these incredibly deserving individuals.  

As we talked about in “The Extraordinary Ordinary Window Cleaner” post last month, we want to celebrate people who are doing what most people would describe as “ordinary” jobs.  But, they are being done in an extraordinary way. By extraordinary people. They are Extraordinary Ordinary People.  

And, we think there are thousands of them out there.  But, their stories don’t get told. They don’t get the limelight in the Wall Street Journal.  Or Forbes. Or CNN. Or even in their local paper. We think they’re worth telling though. Actually, they’re definitely worth telling.  And, they are worth celebrating for sure.

So, we’re going to do our small part of telling these stories and celebrating these people by officially kicking off our Extraordinary Worker Campaign and highlighting one person’s story each month and giving that person $1,000.  And, at the end of the year, we will select one of those monthly winners as The goHappy 2020 Extraordinary Worker of the Year with a Grand Prize of $10,000.   

"Mastery in work & in life is about committing yourself to being excellent in everything you do, no matter how small & no matter if no one is watching."


We need your help to do it though!  We want submissions from YOU.  Who do you know who is doing an “ordinary” hourly job, but does it in an EXTRAordinary way? Someone who works at a place where you shop or eat?  Someone you work with? Someone who works at your company?  

Check out our Extraordinary Worker Campaign Page, and fill out the nominee form by answering a few quick questions about the person (takes less than 3 minutes) so they have a chance for us to tell their story and give them $1,000.  

Thanks for helping us highlight and celebrate these Extraordinary Workers!  If you have any questions, send us a note: info@gohappylabs.com