In our post-pandemic world, it's not enough to assume frontline employees are just " happy to have a job." 

Things have changed, and frontline workers no longer seek jobs where the expectation is the bare minimum in exchange for a paycheck. 

They are more attracted to a work environment where they feel valued and respected, with managers who make them feel like they're contributing to something significant and are working towards common goals. 

And with current frontline worker shortages and the cost of living through the roof, many small to medium-sized businesses across the United States need to prioritize employee morale if they want to retain employees and grow their business. 

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Why Employee Messages Are Important

Employee messages are important because they lead to better employee engagement and productivity. They are a way to show your frontline employees that you value them as people and not just workers. 

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Imagine having employees who regularly go out of their way to ensure customers have the best experience with your organization, take on challenging tasks without being asked, or come in early without being prompted if they know there's an extra large delivery that day.

The only way to achieve this is to foster an environment where your frontline workers feel cared for. A work culture that places high value on employee morale leads to happier, more engaged, and more productive workers. 

If you want employees who show up, put in the extra effort, and help move your organization forward, it's essential to show your gratitude and recognize them for their hard work.

After a long day of grinding at work, receiving an appreciation message from a direct manager or human resources is motivating. 

Appreciation messages are an excellent way to boost employee morale. But don't wait for workers to do something extraordinary. While it's great to recognize those who've gone above and beyond, show employees you value them equally. 

Improve Frontline Engagement with Employee Appreciation Messages

Good communication is the backbone of any successful relationship. It's especially important in a work environment, where communication can positively or negatively impact employee experience. 

How do your employees know how well they're performing if they never hear from you? Who do they turn to if they have questions or need help? 

A lack of communication from management and human resources leaves frontline employees feeling disconnected from their company. It is the fast track to poor job satisfaction and, ultimately, resignation.

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Instead, use these employee appreciation messages to boost morale and employee engagement.

  • Thank your team for showing up! This is especially critical if you're currently operating with a staff shortage. During a labor shortage, frontline employees put in double the effort and can experience burnout. Thank them for being there and working hard.
  • Use an employee engagement communications calendar to celebrate special holidays with your frontline workers. Send a company-wide text on Nurse's Day, Donut Day, Employee Appreciation Day, and more!
  • Welcome new employees to your team via SMS text. Follow it up with significant anniversary work dates to show employees you're paying attention and care about their loyalty to your company and their employee experience. 
  • Tell everyone when an employee receives positive feedback from a fellow worker or customer. It will inspire them to do more of the same and create a ripple effect amongst the rest of your team. 
  • Wish employees a Happy Birthday, thank them for their dedication, and wish them another joyful trip around the sun.  

Use Technology to Communicate with Employees

Whether you manage a team of ten or 1000, technology can drastically improve employee engagement through improved communication. 

Frontline workers are often in a different location from their manager, many perform shift work, and some even work in complete isolation. This can make it challenging to keep in touch with workers regularly.

You could go weeks or months without seeing some of your workers. And employees who work in busy environments, like grocery store clerks and restaurant staff, are so busy during their shifts that it's challenging to get a few words in. 

A texting tool like goHappy can transform your organization from one that reacts to one that proactively communicates with employees. Create a positive work environment with strategic appreciation messages that lead to more satisfied employees. 

Boost Profits with Employee Appreciation Messages

Employee appreciation messages have a direct correlation on productivity, which impacts profits. 

In fact, better interpersonal communication in the workplace can increase productivity by as much as 25%. That's a significant increase in output that leads to a boost in profits. 

It should go without saying that your frontline workers are extremely valuable to your company's success. They are humans seeking a healthy work-life balance that allows them to feel just as good at work as they do outside of work. 

Treat them respectfully, send regular employee appreciation messages, and watch your business grow. 

Send Frontline Appreciation Messages with goHappy

Building employee morale with frontline appreciation messages is one of the most impactful ways to nurture a more engaged workforce. 

And goHappy is one of the most straightforward messaging tools to help you accomplish this. It’s easy to send text messages to your entire team, a specific segment or workers, or a single employee. 

Unlike other platforms that report poor adoption rates because of their complexity, text messages have a 98% open rate. Texts are read more widely than emails, which can get overlooked in a busy inbox, and are more straightforward than a complicated mobile app.  

goHappy’s intuitive Dashboard allows you to track and monitor open rates, view live results from employee feedback, and monitor up-to-date information about your workers.

Are you ready to create a work culture that supports your frontline workers and boosts employee morale? 

Schedule a demo with goHappy today and start sending appreciation messages as early as next week!

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