Every November, the United States dedicates a day to honor military Veterans and their dedication to the country through their service. Some companies observe this quietly, while others make a public gesture. Numerous consumer brands extend gratitude to Veterans by offering complimentary items or discounts. As a #USAF Veteran, I keenly acknowledge and appreciate these gestures. Most Veterans, in response, humbly express gratitude to the companies, recognizing that the acknowledgement is not obligatory.

This year, I visited three companies that generously provided Veterans with complimentary items. Each company received heartfelt thanks from me and appreciation for their support. As shown in the photo, Starbucks offered a free cup of coffee, a great pick-me-up. Buffalo Wild Wings went above and beyond by offering a full meal of 10 boneless wings and fries, a delicious and generous treat. Crumbl Cookie offered Veterans a free cookie, a delicious gesture. I extend my gratitude to these companies and all others that commemorated Veterans Day by recognizing the service of Veterans. Your generosity is both appreciated and acknowledged.

Veteran Treats

This year at goHappy, we assisted companies in celebrating Veterans Day by creating user-friendly messaging templates which were used to send over 50,000 Happy Veterans Day messages to frontline employees across virtually every industry. This initiative not only fosters a culture of gratitude but also strengthens the sense of connection within the organization.

It's also worth noting that Veterans acquire valuable skills and traits during their military service, such as responsibility, strong work ethic, punctuality, organizational skills, leadership, and respect for others. These attributes contribute to building a diverse team and cultivating a positive organizational culture. If your organization is looking to hire team members exhibiting these traits, considering candidates with prior military experience could be beneficial. These candidates are likely able to learn new skills quickly and already possess other skills and traits that are more challenging to teach.

If you’re interested in learning more about how leading companies have increased how valued and connected their frontline employees feel, resulting in increased engagement and decreased turnover, please reach out to us at goHappy. We’d love to chat with you and share the best practices we've gathered from collaborating with companies who’ve leveraged frontline employee engagement to achieve bottom line results.