America has always been a nation that thrives on the innovation of its entrepreneurs, the insights of its thinkers, and the inspiration of its artists. However, time and again, it's the frontline workforce that stands as the backbone of the nation, ensuring its steady march forward. 

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This year, goHappy is celebrating Labor Day all week, because one day just isn’t enough for all the frontline does for our society. Here are just a few reasons we’re advocates for the frontline, and why they truly are America’s most important workforce.

  1. They power the economy: From grocery store clerks and truck drivers to nurses and food service workers, frontline workers keep the wheels of the American economy turning. Even in the face of adversities, such as economic downturns or global pandemics, these workers ensure that essential services continue to operate, thereby keeping the economy afloat.

  2. They mirror America’s diversity: The frontline workforce is often a mirror of America's diverse populace. With individuals from varied backgrounds, cultures, ages, and experiences, the frontline encapsulates the true spirit of the "melting pot" that America is often described as. This diversity is crucial, as it promotes cultural understanding, mutual respect, and collaboration.

  3. Their daily interactions build community: Frontline workers are usually the faces of a company and, therefore, the faces that citizens interact with daily. Be it the mail carrier, the barista, or the bus driver, these workers play a part in knitting the social fabric by fostering community interactions.

  4. They bear the brunt of crises: Whether it's natural disasters, health crises, or any other calamity, when society is hit by a crisis frontline workers are often the first line of defense. They not only face the immediate challenges presented by the situation but also shoulder the broader burden of keeping society functional, safe, and healthy. This responsibility entails direct exposure to risks, putting themselves in harm’s way to save others, increased workloads and pressure, and the mental and emotional toll that comes along with all of that. 

  5. Their soft skills cannot be automated: While we're in an era where automation and artificial intelligence are transforming industries and jobs, the skills that frontline workers bring – empathy, adaptability, on-the-spot decision-making, and human touch – cannot be replicated by machines. Their roles will continue to be paramount in sectors where human interaction and care are crucial.

  6. They are lifelong learners: The nature of frontline jobs often demands continuous learning and adaptation. While the basic tenets of their job may remain consistent, the tools, techniques, best practices, and challenges they face can change dramatically over time. Our frontline constantly adapts to technological advancements, ever-evolving protocols, legal and ethical changes, and general unpredictability. Frontline workers exemplify the spirit of lifelong learning, which is critical for a nation's growth and adaptability.

  7. They are our moral compass in trying times: In times of crisis, whether it's a global pandemic, natural disasters, or societal unrest, difficult decisions often need to be made. These situations test the moral fiber of individuals and organizations, posing questions that don't always have straightforward answers. For instance, think about decisions that had to be made by the frontline during the pandemic. How do healthcare workers prioritize care when resources are limited? How do essential service providers, like grocery store workers, continue to show up every day, knowing the risks, to ensure people have access to food and necessities? The actions of frontline workers in such circumstances often serve as guiding examples of moral integrity, and they embody a moral clarity that can serve as a guiding light for society as a whole.

While America is shaped by multiple forces and numerous individuals from different walks of life, the frontline workforce remains its unwavering and underlying support. This group’s dedication, resilience, and skills not only keep the nation running smoothly but also embody the core values that America stands for.

As a company (and on Labor Day, as a nation), we recognize, celebrate, and support frontline workers, and we’ll keep working to ensure they have all they need to continue their invaluable service. Frontline workers, you have our deep admiration and appreciation, on Labor Day and always.