Frontline Employee Engagement Model

We tackled the subject of Frontline Employee Engagement in a quick hitting webinar, with Dave McKlveen, Vice President of Human Resources for Organic Krush and formerly VP of HR at Cava, and Greg Moyer, Chief Engagement Officer at goHappy Hub, we took a first hand look at:

  • Why should I care about frontline employee engagement?
  • How do I accurately measure frontline employee engagement?
  • How can I pinpoint areas of improvement?
  • How can I make that information actionable at my frontline leadership level?

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Webinar Highlight Reel:
  • 8:52 - How they communicated before & challenges they faced.
  • 14:55- Employees level of comfort and access to technology & why that ruled out an app based solution.
  • 18:20 - How they collected 20K employee cell numbers, legal considerations.
  • 19:31 - How the employees embraced text communication, even with the ability to opt-out.
  • 32:50 - A major efficiency win & other use cases on the types of messages sent.
  • 41:57 - How goHappy has increased team morale and the overall level of engagement.
  • 46:28 - How STA will begin to use goHappy's text-to-apply to drive applicants and referrals from employees.

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